söndag 30 augusti 2009

Photos from the tour

No internet for a while but here´s som photos, more will come in Giftorm.

Our bags of missions.

Sad to say Jonas did not make this one

Koffe is blessed

We got gunz

Ghetto kid

We played som American football

Mark shaved of his eyebrows

Then stuff got out of hand

söndag 23 augusti 2009

One Off vs Sweet

Last night in Söderhamn

Mark was not so happy with the dj-situation at first...

After a few Redbull vodka he was back on track

What ya looking at?!

A picture says more then thousend words...

Isak goes natzi

Winner Mika and Jeannis

Bjerten and jeannis

fredag 21 augusti 2009

Got drunk...

But this was kind of what happend;

A good dinner..

Spängan got natzi!

Erik(the creator)

Jonas (Sweet team -member) getting love from some ladies and Spängan

random drunk söderhammar-people...

...from the last outpost...

Got a visit from the cops and Spängan had a new haircut

Not much to say other then that they were not happy.

Spängan on the other hand was happy with his new haircut...

torsdag 20 augusti 2009

I had the privilege...

To be upp on a newly built house in downtown Stockholm to shoot some skating with Alex Åkerlund.
We´ll have to wait fore the slides but it was a nice afternoon.

Thanks Alex...

F*U*C*K the Swedish Postoffice!

Finally got everything together for the tour. Or so I thought.
The last item on the list was a flash, that was shipped from Malmö this monday.
Now it´s gone. Somewhere on the way up to Stockholm it got lost.

Now I just hope the our trip will to a pit stop in Stockholm to pick up the new one they sent.

tisdag 18 augusti 2009

Chairs having sex...

Shot during a break at a shoot at WeSC.

Just came back...

...from shooting with Mark Pulman.
Rain started comming in, but mark nailed the trick just before the hard rain came.
Photos will come in a later issue of Giftorm.

Mark Pulman:

Working on PR photos...

Right now I´m working on PR photos and recordcovers for Swedish singer Linda Sundblad.
I´m really pleased with som of the photos we shot in a bathroom with disposiblecameras.

Finished result will be posted here...

Going on tour...

Going on tour this weekend, started packing my gear and reliased that it´s going to be heavy ( not everything shown on the photo below).
Glad we are going by car.
Been a while since I was out shooting skateboarding now, so I´m really looking forward to this trip.
Where going on a Swedish version of Thrashers "King of the Road".
It´s a ten day tour that starts in the northen part of Sweden and ends up at Junkfest in the southern parts of Sweden.
I´m going with Sweetskateboards witch is a bunch old friends.
Look out for updates from the tour.