måndag 30 november 2009

My gallery...

Friend of mine found this gallery in Brussels.

Only frame and cranks left...

Finally got a matching rear whell to my front wheel, Campagnolo Record Pista hub on a chromed lo-profile rim, getting another rear tyre, same as front.
Getting the black Sugino 75´s of one of my other bikes, and the frame should be out of paint on thursday.
Premierride this weekend, with nice photos of course...

söndag 29 november 2009

My bike and the mist.

Crazy mist just came over Stockholm.


lördag 28 november 2009

fredag 27 november 2009

Chilling on a friday

The savior!

Apperently Jimmy Jansson is our savior...

Jimmy the Savior

torsdag 26 november 2009

Dont have any updates right now...

...so I´ll just post a photo of Mark from the trip to Barca.

onsdag 25 november 2009

Getting there...

Today I have been grinding the welds on the dopouts untill my hands got numb.
Hopefully ll get it to the sandblast this week, then it´s just some bondo and then paint next week.
Should get all the bits and pieces this week.

måndag 23 november 2009

Fuck the Swedish healthcare system...

So in the last days in Barca my old knee sterted to swollen up.
As I cracked a bloodvessel in it before I imidietly knew that was the case again.
I did not want to go to the hospital in Spain, so I took the first flight home to Sweden.
I landed on friday and on saturday I went to the E.R. to drain it, as I did the last time this happen.
When get there there are not that many people there, so I take a seat, but after 6 hours a nurse comes up to me and asks if it´s ok if I come back to morrow or go to a "lokal E.R."? Sure, no problem, the people that came in and got ahead of me in line had bigger problems with me.
So the next day I go to the lokal E.R. to get some help, BUT the doctor that sees me doesnt even looks interested in me or my knee, he only pulls it back ones and then say it´s a inflamation and it should be ok in two months(!)
Fuck him, this morning I go back to the big E.R. and they that they dont want drain it because they think I have enough movment in the knee.
But they would gladly give me drugs for it and it should be ok in a couple of weeks.
Why couldnt they have drained it? It´s in the exactly the same shape as it has been for the last 5 days.

Anyway, now I´m in bed for two weeks...

söndag 22 november 2009

lördag 21 november 2009

Getting there

Just tryed monting some wheels setpost and saddle to get an idea how it would look.
Think it´s going to look pretty cool.
Colors is going to be all black, with some chrome when finished.
New headset, bottombracket, front tyre and some other stuff is on it´s way from England. Cranks will be black Sugino 75.
On tuesday I´m of the shop to weld on treckends and getting rid of gearmounts. Might sandblast it also.

Hopefully it will look something like this when its done.

fredag 20 november 2009

It was a Bianchi!

The frame I got actually was a binchi, witch I didn´t thought.
Now theres just trackends, new paint and an order from SJS cycles.

tisdag 17 november 2009

måndag 16 november 2009

söndag 15 november 2009

Biggie nights´s

Spängan and Koffe have been working hard on the first offical "Biggie night´s"

Biggie nights from sweet skateboards on Vimeo.

Erik filming

Erik doing a flip late shuvit over a hip.

lördag 14 november 2009

To day should of been friday the 13th

Today we went out to a bank spot 20 min outside of Barca.
The bank is right to a pilicestation, and they saw us but didnt care, alltough it was a highwaypatrol-station, not a standard.
It some work to get it skateable, but after awhile we got it done.
Bjerten then started trying k-grind to fakie on te curb on top of the bank.
Then he dislocated his shoulder in the air some how, scraming and shouting. We laid him on a curb to see if we could get it in place and all of the sudden cops come rolling in with bluelights and everything, telling us that we cant skate here etc.
They walk up to Bjerten to see how his doing and ends up calling an ambulance. They the explane that they been sitting and watching us on a surveillancecamera and saw that something happen.
Ambulance came and Bjerten was away.
We then went to a spot a few 100m awy and started skating, then the same copcar went under the bridge we were skating, really slow.
We paced our stuff super fast and went for the station, and right outside the trainstation cops come with the bluelights on, but doesnt see us and just go´s to the spot.
Needles to say the would defenetly giving us tickets and steal all our cameragear if were to get caught.

Actuall photo of Bjerten disslocating his shoulder.

fredag 13 november 2009


Koffe and Spängan does their own version of Böglyftet (Gaylift)

how to do 360 flip

360 flip from Boon on Vimeo.

torsdag 12 november 2009

Some people did some stuff today

Not everyone was as slow as me and Spängan today, Gunez manage to film this of Raul.

Clip of the day # 76 from sweet skateboards on Vimeo.

A slow day at Saints...

A slow day after got a bit of a cold yesterday.
All good now with a nice carbonara and a couple of glases of redwine.

slow day at saints... from Boon on Vimeo.

Flip at Hassefällan

Clip of the day # 64 from sweet skateboards on Vimeo.

Bjerten rippin at Sants...

Clip of the day # 75 from sweet skateboards on Vimeo.

Koffe´s pics from hell

Checkout Koffe´s pics from hell at Sweetskateboards

onsdag 11 november 2009


Yesterday we got busted by cops while shooting and filming on Josef Scott.
Fortunetly Josef made the trick before they came.
John Romo and Daniel Loren was still trying to shoot a fs heel over the rail when the cops came.
But we were lucky, because it´s the end of the year they have to fill their yearly quotient of tickets, so they do busts and take everyones boards and camera equipment. But the cops from yeasterday was pretty nice and did let us go.

Day eight in Barca from Boon on Vimeo.

tisdag 10 november 2009

måndag 9 november 2009

Day seven in Barca

Today we went out to Mount Gat to skate some banks.
We ended up walking around the village instead of walking throu it.
Was a pretty fun day.
Now we are of to get som night footage.

Day seven... from Boon on Vimeo.

Day five & six in Barca

So I finally got to go to a Barcelona game at Camp Nou.
It was one of the best things I´ve done in a long while.
To see and hear almost 100 000 persons scream at the same time was powerfull.

Day five & six in Barca from Boon on Vimeo.

lördag 7 november 2009

2,5 hour untill kickoff.

Going to Camp Nou and Barcelona-Mallorca tonight.
Hopefully Zlatan plays and Barcelona will kick Mallorca´s ass.

Isak the Filmer in a battle

Untitled from Boon on Vimeo.

fredag 6 november 2009

Day four in Barca

Today we went to a bankspot that where under construction when got there.
Then we ended up at Fondo and skated a bit. We shot Björn doing double bs flip over the benches from the bank.
Still sour feet, and kind of tired after the day. Dont know whats up for tomorrow but it probably involves alot of walking.

torsdag 5 november 2009

Another night...

...another party!

Untitled from Boon on Vimeo.

30 minutes later...

One of those days... (day three in Barca)

As a result of the beers we found yesterday, today was a bit of a slow day.
But we manage to get our asses out to for a switch feeblegrind by Mark.
With the day before still in his system he gave all his best. Unfortunately that was not enough.
Then we pretty much ended up walking the rest of the day.
We did found our selfs at a cool spot where we shot a photo.
Jonas did a couple of bs Tails.
But right now my feets are killing me, of to a shower and out for a late dinner.

Day three in Barcelona from Boon on Vimeo.

onsdag 4 november 2009

tisdag 3 november 2009

A deserted MACBA

Got there just after a big bust.

I´m i Barca now...


Got caught with my handluggage

SAS only gives you 6 kg, I had 22 kg.
This is whats left in my bag...

Last walk in this weather.

Nova chilling with some trees.

söndag 1 november 2009

Mårten playing around...

Mårten under the bridge... from Boon on Vimeo.

Shot this today.
Mårten just playing around a bit, me trying out the camera.
More to come tough...