torsdag 21 juni 2012


My good friend Mai-Li from Mutewatch was at the studio earlier today to get her picture taken for their website. Infact the whole Mutewatch team is getting shot by me over the next couple of days. And as a coincident I had a photo of Mai-Li in a Swedish morning magazine a few days ago. More on the photos of her and her crew later...

måndag 11 juni 2012

Jonas Skröder during last weeks Image shoot for Sweet Skateboards

Last week was filled with shoots, probably the most I have had in 3 days. Eight images in total, different locations all over Stockholm, different props and a bunch of skaters and no art director. In other words easier said then done, but we pulled it of again. Joans seemed to enjoy his shoot although he had to go in the freezing water more then once.

lördag 9 juni 2012

New phone, new app

Trying out the blogger app for my phone.
Nice to do fast updates on the phone now...

fredag 8 juni 2012

Gunz on the cover shot by me

Nothing to say really, but the cover and the original un-cropped pho.

Behind the scenes with Stina Wengler

This is not what I normaly do, but it is kind of fun and really different from what I usually shoot. Anyway, the film is more of her then of me, and I can't blame them...

Busy weeks

Last couple of weeks have been very hectic! Travels and a whole catalog for Sweet Skateboards have been shot since my last post. Since monday the whole Sweet team have been up in Stockholm for the shooting of the image photos for the catalog. They were shot all over Stockholm and took a lot of time and energy, but it was well worth it. Last shoot was last night outside "the Boulala" bar and ended with dinner, beer and pool with the whole crew. Next week the retouching beginns and I am stoked on getting started. Not to many behind the scenes photos right now, but a behind the scenes film is in the making right now. I even think I am getting interviewed for it next week.