måndag 30 augusti 2010

Back is still fucked!

Yesterday my back was almost good but as I woke up on the boat from Finland this morning I felt it was worse again.
Now I´m on double doze of pills and first thing tomorrow I will call my naprapath to get some help.

This photo has nothing to do with my back, but thought I would post a random photo to this post so that people have something to look at.

Shot at WeSC old headquarter/warehouse during a salesbook-shoot I did about a year ago.

New gloves

Just got home from Finland. Was a bit colder there but everything was ok and I got some taxfree booze on the way home.
I do have some photos in development and som b/w that I will develop tonight.

Anyway in Mikkeli, I found these neopran fishing gloves for 9€, and they will be perfect for riding the bike in the fall/winter and it has leaf-camo pattern, also perfect for the fall.

fredag 27 augusti 2010

Annie Leibovits - Sean Connery - Louis Vuitton

Just saw this, a little backstage movie and the finished result.

Kodak Kodachrometest from 1922

Pretty cool...

Nova and puppies

Nova had her puppies last summer and I just found this photo of Nova and one of them on my dads camera.
Maybe it will be more puppies next summer...

torsdag 26 augusti 2010

Tony says HI!

From the K.A.L.V. road trip a few weeks ago...

High ass!

Laying in my room on the boat to Finland right now and got this mail from Jonas.F.
This shit is HIGH, even if you usually don´t give a fuck about BMX (like me).

I have to get me one of these

Joey Celis made this one-off sticker for his Iphone 4.
To bad he´s not making any more. Alltough I don´t think it will take long before some on puts this into massproduction.

More photos on Joey´s flickr

Great job anyway...

Junkyard photos

Shot these two photos for Junkyard.se this summer.
Of course these had a lot of text in these when published

This one was for a swimsuit sale campaign, even Nova got a cameo in it.

This one was a banner for the new stuff for the fall.

Puppetshow in Finland

Going on the fairy to Helsinki in a few hours.
Going to a festival a few hours outside of Helsinki to play to shows with the puppetshow.
For you guys who didn´t know my dad is a puppet builder/puppet player and I used to work with him a few years ago.
Now adays he mostly work with TV and theather etc so we don´t tour anymore.
We still get a few shows booked now and again tough.

An old photo of the show we are playing in finland...

tisdag 24 augusti 2010

Since my back got worse...

And I´m stuck in bed again (hate this so much) I thought I would share two more of this summers photos.
Shot with the Leica M6 for you that cares.


Nova during the sunset

måndag 23 augusti 2010

Got some stuff developed from this summer

Threw in all of my rolls that been laying around from this summer.
Will post a few here, but some are a bit to much for the general public I think.

Anyway here´s one of Ali looking confused during the Skate Olympix from earlyer this summer.

Double exposure...

When you shoot LF (large format) you used cassetes witch you have the film sheets in. These have two sides and when you have exposed one side you put the darkslide back the other way so that you can see if you have exposed that side.
When I shot my dad a few days ago I happend to forget this, and I got a double exposure.
Luckily it came out good after all.

Two more...

Went out with the Twins to test how the Pacemaker was shooting bikes.
Not really the way I wanted it to turn out. Need a new lens with X-sync for it asap.

Any way...

lördag 21 augusti 2010

kind of tired of these super slow-motion clips

But this one does pretty much everything so it´s the only one you need to see, he he...

Tempus II from Philip Heron on Vimeo.

A little try on tilt/shift photography

One of the first test sheets with the pacemaker...

First shot with the the Pacemaker Crown Graphic

Love this camera!
Fast to work with (consider it´s a large fomat camera)
Shot a portrait of my dad last night in the last bit of light before sunset.
I will probably upgrade to a better lens on it and a lupe/viewfinder as soon as I can afford.
First of all do I need some proper LF developing tank, stod with a tray in complete dark last night and had som scratces on the negatives.

fredag 20 augusti 2010


Another shot from the tour.
Jonas getting his Giftorm tattoo.
Just love the fly on his back...

onsdag 18 augusti 2010

David Burnett

I know I´ve been buzzing a bit about David Burnett the last two days.
But if you haven´t checked out his website yet, GO THERE NOW!!!


©david burnett

Been sitting here scanning all day...

Scanned pretty much all the slides from the tour.
Just wanted to share a photo with you guys.

Perre is the guy who made the Bunker Bowl in Gävle (Sweden) possible (with all the locals).
We meet up with him in Gävle during the tour for a triathlon.
Had a blast!

Take care Perre...

tisdag 17 augusti 2010

New camera on it´s way...

To stay at home with a cold and fever usually makes me scout all photosites for stuff.
Today was no different.
Found this nice Pacemaker Crown Graphic 4x5 field camera for a nice price.
Apperently the previous owner bought it from the estate after Disney painter Carl Barks.
If it´s true it is pretty cool. No way to know for sure tough.

I have loved shooting largeformat since I got my Sinar F1. But as that is a full blown studio camera it has always been hell to bring out of the studio.
So I have been looking for a fieldcamera for a while.
This one is used by many photographers till today, for exampel David Burnett and Walter Iooss
Witch took this amazing photo of Tiger Woods with his Pacemaker Crown Graphic during a competiton.

söndag 15 augusti 2010


So I didn´t just eat rice and vegetabiles and took a long ride today.
A short ride and a fucked up back was what I got today instead.

Anyway, I´m putting together a swapmeet at sept 4 at Södermalmsskolan.

BYO, beers, bbq, grill and stuff to sell.

Check the flyer for times etc.

lördag 14 augusti 2010

Tour is over...

Came home a few hours ago.
Tour ended last night at 00.00 in Söderhamn.
I think it is going to be a close call betwen the teams.

Tomorrow I will only eat rice and vegitabiles and take a loooong ride on my bike.

tisdag 10 augusti 2010

Olas school...

Wanna be cool like Ola, you need to go to Ola´s skola...

Ola breaks a board!

Mika got fat!

fredag 6 augusti 2010

first day of the trip

Spent the first day of "Kungen av landsvägen" in Humlan too get some of the easier trick of the list.
Also did a quick stop at Adidas headquarter for som shoes.

Untitled from Boonphotography on Vimeo.

torsdag 5 augusti 2010

Going on tour

Going on the Swedish version of Thrashers "King of the Road".
I´m riding with Adidas and we are opening our package to night 00.01 CET.
I will try to blog as much as possible in the comming week.

Last year was like this: Kungen av Landsvägen 2009

One of my camerabags that is comming along...

Love Eneroth

This was in the latest Bellows ad.
Shot late at night.

Ollie from first bank to last quarterpipe

Better photo of the new bike

Black on Black decal

onsdag 4 augusti 2010

Really cool optical illusions

via flwrider.com

When picked up my frame...

I also picked up Jakobs frame.
I got one word for this: INSANE!

It´s going to be one of the more crazy builds I have seen.


...and the frame came today!

Finally I got the frame back today.
Looks just like I wanted it to do.
Have put all the bits on it but I still need a Nitto Jaguar stem(90mm if someone got one for sale to a nice price)
Just a cellphone photo but I´ll get some real photos tomorrow as dont have a digicamera at home.

Decals is Black on black wich give it the "ghost" effect I want.

Hopefully I´ll have time to ride it throu town tomorrow before I leave for a skate tour.
(post more about that tomorrow)

tisdag 3 augusti 2010

New rear wheel

Most of the parts for the re-build of my Bridgestone is home now.
Last thing in was some eggbeaters, new mtb shoes and a Mavic Open pro rim.
Built the rear wheel up earlyer today and it looks good, had som difficulties while buildning it but it came out ok.
Built it on to a black Gran Compe double-fixed hub and black spokes with silver nipples.

Now I´m just waiting for the frame, hopefully it will be done tomorrow.

måndag 2 augusti 2010

Jacob on the bridge

Also shot during saturdays ride

söndag 1 augusti 2010


Shot this yesterday, everyone was tired so we went for a more minimalistic style, still on the Leica.

"...this can not be natural."