söndag 31 oktober 2010

Back to the 90s!!!

This part is so good in so many ways. Makes me a bit nostalgic.
We need more dirty raw street skating now. Less millionaires on skates...

Ricky Oyola - Eastern Exposure 3


Shot this as a comment to Kelly Kline´s photo of Matthew Polly getting a punch in the face for his book cover that I had some problems with earlyer this week.

Kelly used 4 1DmkIV and 8 (I think) Profoto pro 8 with 3 strobes for every camera, getting 40 f/s in total.
In the "behind the scenes" video it seems that this is the only way to do it.
Well I just had to do it with one frame.
Took my brother who is a boxer and had a friend puch him a few times. Came out good, have a good one on probably 8/10 frames.
This took me about 10 min to get the lighting right, 10 min to shoot and another 10 min to retouch.

Lighting setup:
One sb 800, 2.5 m up, behind the camera on 1/4 power.
And one quadra from behind on each side on about 1/4 also.

I want to say that I don´t compare us as photographers, just wanted to make a point.
Everything is possible with imagination and knowledge.

Look at her blog to see the youtube clip and some text around the photoshoot.


Kelly Kline:


fredag 29 oktober 2010

Nova got pop!

Just did quick tryout of the new elinchrome quadra-kit I just got to the office.
2 acc on full power on each side with the 18 cm reflectors.
Looking forward to put them to the real test...

Just wanted to try this

Just took some sand paper to do some kind of border on the actual 4x5 neg.
Not really how I wanted it to be, but I´ll keep experimenting and see what happens.
Shot from the boat from Helsinki back to Stockholm earlier this year.

Don´t know about this...

If you need that amount of cameras and flashes, I would say you are more of an technician than a photographer.
This is exactly what a skate photographers do with one camera. Capturing a 1/1000 of a sec when the trick looks just right with one push.
I often hear that I need a "fast" camera to shoot skateboarding so that I can pic out the right frame. Skate photography is more preparations and experience than anything else.

Yes I know that this is a promotion film for Profoto, but I just felt it needed to be said that it can be done done with out a +50 000€ equipment.

torsdag 28 oktober 2010

Stockholm finest!

Today I got up early to go downtown to shoot the RONIN bike-messengers for a collab with them, D.A.M.P. and S.O.S. clothing.

I know most of the guys from before and it´s always fun to meet up with the them.
I have to say I admire there love and enthusiasm for riding there bikes, even on a cold and wet morning like this.
I have a series of portraits of them that I´ll have a look at as soon as I have the time.

Ride safe guys!

onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Ali for HUCK magazine

Shoot some photos of Ali for HUCK magazine a few weeks ago.
Here´s two of them...

tisdag 26 oktober 2010

I get a Spike Jonze/fatboyslim vibe

Don´t know if it is some kind of perfomace or just a crazy guy, still kind of funny...
(via flwrider.com)

måndag 25 oktober 2010

Adde the fighter!

Found this old photo of Adde getting his fighting grove on at an afterparty this summer.
Damn I miss summer with the long nights and warm weather...

Another saddle

Picked up a Selle Italia Flite titanium in good condition today, only paid 20€ for it.
Don´t witch bike it will go on yet but I´ll try it out tomorrow and see if I like it, or should I say if my ass likes it...

I really need a new camera now...

Shot a test shot for a portrait later today and this is what my sensor looks like now! Full of shit and it only syncs flashes on a 1/200 sec. Sure I will get it clean but it will just have to work as a backup camera.
Hopefully I will get a 5D mkII with a 50mm 1,2 later this week.
I have big shoot coming up an really don´t want to spend 2 hours getting rid of all the crap on the sensor.

Now I´m off to look for some locations for the shoot...

fredag 22 oktober 2010

Got to love this...

Nova has some competition...

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

Random piss on the streets of Stockholm

Shot this almost a year ago after a night of drinking and on my way to a afterparty...
(reminder to my self: need to buy batterys for my Olumpus mju:] II )

The office door!

Haven´t been able to shut my office door for the last 8 months. Today I got my shit together and fixed it.
Finally some privacy...

Broken lens

The lens on my PaceMaker has given up, and desperately needs a service.
Because it´s cheaper to buy a second hand one than the service I decided to pull it apart to see if I could fix it myself. Lets just say I´ll be buying a new lens asap!

tisdag 19 oktober 2010

A few more from the wedding...

Got tons of photos from the whole thing but I thought they were to personal to show...

måndag 18 oktober 2010

Braydon Szafranski - Ringlight - 4x5

Shot this during his visit to Stockholm for Ali´s wedding...

söndag 17 oktober 2010

Last week was too much...

No post for the whole of last week, sorry. But It was just that after Alis wedding on sunday (will post some more photos soon) I only got about 3 hours of sleep before I had to go to the office and work until 9-10 pm, and that was pretty much what the whole week looked like.

Anyway because we won the Swedish answer to the "King of the Road" competition, I thought I would share a couple of photos from that article.

So here you go...

söndag 10 oktober 2010

fredag 8 oktober 2010

Have you ever tried to mak a skate in three peices stand up?

Try a snowboard, as we had to do that today. Let me tell you that was not easy. Alot of wiring went into it and alot of time.
Now we just got one photo left on this job...

Didn't get a phot of the snowboard setup, but here´s the skate setup.

We won and I got the cover...

Earlier this summer I went with the Swedish Adidas team on the Swedish version of the King of the road competition.
Today I saw the new issue for the first time and we won and got the cover. Make sure to pick it up...

Yesterday was a long day...

With a serious hangover yesterday I had to shoot a job the whole day.
But today I got back to the office to start looking at photos from the bachelorparty.

This a happy Ali with the first stripper, 10 minutes later another one came with a bit more hardcore show...

onsdag 6 oktober 2010

Ali's bachelorparty!

Waiting in the car for Ali to get his picture taken at the Jens place.

Later tonight the stripper comes to the party!

måndag 4 oktober 2010

Washing a car

Me and Ali Shot some stuff for HUCK magazine today. It´s crazy how many magazines that want his story.
After that we ended up at a DIY carwash place to wash his borrowed car.

Out shooting yesterday...

Was out with Alex Åkerlund to start shooting for a interview.
Got one photo but when we came to this spot there was just to many tourists so we skipped that.