lördag 31 oktober 2009

New frame is coming home.

Bought this frame (no wheels includeed), suppose to be a Bianchi tempo frame repainted.
I don´t know if that is true, but I got a good price on it.
Getting trackends on it, and new paint for starters.
Should have it when I get back from Barcelona.

Two shots from the Superior Challange.

At the Superior Challange right now

fredag 30 oktober 2009

Last night at Odd Number

Visited Sönkes store Odd Number last night.
Met Jacob there who was getting home a big package on his back.

Weiger doing a fs bluntslide on Mika´s curb.

Friday night to night!

Who needs cranks???

Wish I still had this rawfile.

Shot this during a studio filmshoot. But it was with the film crews camera.
And when my last computor crashed, it disapeared.

Erik Pettersson. bs crailslide on flat.

Joining Josef´s fight for his money-

Tacky actually owes Josef a 100 euros for the backlip that he is doing in this pic. They said that they would give away the money to anyone that could backlip the golden rådhuset rail. One of these days Josef will show up at tacky.no office and claim his money!

I was there and shot this photo, so give Josef his money, he needs it.

My friend Isak "the Filmer"

As I´m going down to Barca I will be hanging out alot with Isak, Sweets filmer.
As so happens I found four pics of him from a night in Stockholm when there was no filming involved.

See you soon Isak...

torsdag 29 oktober 2009

First testroll came back from the lab.

Like what I saw, the slides were almost as sharp as my hassy, and it was scanned with my Imacon @ 1600 dpi.
Seems like the Fuji GA 645 Zi has flash sync on all times, up to 1/700.
Alltough It was a bit under exposed on 1/700, could be me fideling with the f-stops and got it one step under.
New test roll is being shot tonight and I´ll post it tomorrow.

Testshot Laila as model


onsdag 28 oktober 2009

Nova says good night

Shot this yesterday...

...in the cold.
Mika Edin - Fs nosebluntslide pop out.


Tried out my new darkroom tonight.
Was kind of hard to get the contrast right with the colorhead.
Anyway I produced one print.
Cant wait to get the colorstuff together after Barcelona.

Found a shot from this summer.

tisdag 27 oktober 2009

The Greatest!

Picked up Richard Avedon's Woman In the Mirror today.
Collected work from Avedon from 1946-2004.
Worth every penny.
Will get my hands on a 1st edition of Avedon's American West soon I hope.

Found this.

Awhile back a swedish photography mag did an article about D.I.Y.
Me and my camera-rig ended up there.
Photos from the rig here, and on my flickr.

måndag 26 oktober 2009

Just makes miss summer.

Massan from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

Overview over Stockholm central station

Shot this for a restrant in Stockholm, but it was a bit to industrial for them.

Tried to get out on a ride.

It´s funny how jinx work.
Just when we left my place I talked to Jacob about how ago it was since I had a flat.
Even before I said anything I thought -I shouldnt say this, I´ll just jinx my self.
Took about 4 minutes untill I had my first flat in ages. and to make thinks worse we didn´t bring a extra tube or pump.
Got our self to a gas-station and bought fix-a-flat kit. Needles to say it didnt work.
So I got my self a cab home. Sucks, but I´ll give it a new try to morrow, with pump and extra tube I might ad.

lördag 24 oktober 2009

WTF again?!?

Dont like weddingphotographers!

Feeling like shit today.

Had a blast last night.
Shot a Henri Fiat gig and had loads of beers.
Got home with camera and body intact.

fredag 23 oktober 2009

WTF again


Jimmy the rockblogger was in tha house

Party tonight!

Preview at transition.

Mark was there.

Bröl was there.

Ricky was there.

Free beer was there.

torsdag 22 oktober 2009

Lab is getting there...

Blacked out the room.

Stuff getting on place.

Windows blacked out to.

My collenta machine should be upp and running soon.

YouTube night.

Had a youtube night last night.

tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Barcelona and a new camera

I´m going to barcelona next sunday too hook up with the sweet guys for a couple of weeks (look out for daily updates here).
This time I´wont just shoot skate photos but also a lot of documentary photos, mainly around the movie they are filming for right now, but also some streetphotography.
So I figured I needed a new camera, first I looked at Leica m6 with a 28 mm lens, but the price was just a bit to much for me right now.
As I´m setting up my lab now I wanted a analog camera. Preferably a rangefinder. I´ve been kind of hooked on RF since I started using disposible cameras
Then I was looking at a Bessa R3, but I heard the buildquality was not the best, and a leica lens for it would still be pricey.
But then a Fuji GA 645 ZI crossed my road. After some reseatch I decided to go for the one I found, price was just to good.
Should be picking it up on friday to get the first test-roll shot.

I´ll try to post some photos during next week.


Male cameltoe...

Had lunch with my brother.

And his head is small...

A while back...

...I shot Swedish artist Linda Sundblad for her new album.
Promissed that I would post the results here as soon as it was avable.
Here´s some random photos from the shoot.

for all you swedes...

...or who speakes/reads Swedish.
The rockers blog by our very own Jimmy Jansson!

Re-doing my bedroom...

Moved my bedroom into my livingroom to make room for my lab.
For now a B/W lab, but i´ll try to get my colormachine up and running i a couple of months.
So to morrow everything is out, clen it, and in with everything.