fredag 26 februari 2010

Got these baby´s home today

NOS Suntour Superbe Pro

torsdag 25 februari 2010


Fatlip worried about being gay...

Love this clip...

What happen when draw stuff upside down...

Bottombracket is just a bit to low to ride on flat with...

onsdag 24 februari 2010

Eurotripy -09

Not sure I would have wanted to go...

Last days of filming...

Today Koffe filmed the last trick for Sweets upcomming movie.
He and Spängan then left for Malaga earlyer today, so now It´s just me, Anton, Jonas and Bjerten left in the appartment.

Filming has taken it´s toll on Isak.

tisdag 23 februari 2010

Crazy ass Japanese skater

Last day of voting

Got to the final in a photocompetition at
One day left to vote so go in register and cast your vote.



måndag 22 februari 2010

söndag 21 februari 2010

tisdag 16 februari 2010

Shot with Spängan at Parallel today

Today it was wet when I woke up, but as night came it dried up, at least enough for Spängan to skate.

Shot this portrait of him after we got the trick done.

måndag 15 februari 2010

Went for some hot chocolate and chuurros

The greasist thing I have ever eaten, deepfried breadsticks witch you dip in thick hot chocolate, but it was soo good...

Still rain...

Untitled from Boonphotography on Vimeo.

söndag 14 februari 2010

More bowlskating today

Jonas Skröder - Fuck Off

Bowlskating today

Yesterday it Rained hard in Barca, lucky for us we choosed to go a bit outside the city. No rain there, but we got caught in it on our way home from trainstation.
And last night it was snowing!
But today it seems fine and we are going to a bowl session.

Josef (wooden) skating in Trollhättan skatepark

Wood on both sides from sweet skateboards on Vimeo.

lördag 13 februari 2010

Cant stop listening to them...

Rain for a week...

According to the weather sites It´s going to rain for a week in Barcelona.
This sucks since because that gives me 2-3 days to shoot photos.
The rest of the guys goes down to Malaga on the 23rd and if it keeps raining and we dont get our photos I´ll leave with them to Malaga.

Spängan while waiting to go home.

fredag 12 februari 2010

Still shooting...

Got some stuff, but where is Isak?

torsdag 11 februari 2010

Soooo nice...

Mark bs flip

Another shot from our last session in Stockholm skatepark.

First day of shooting in Barca

We started of the day with a nice ham n cheese bocadillo right by Saints, so good.
Then me, Koffe and Björn started walk down the street and ended up at a curb, Koffe did a switch fs crooks.
The wind today was crazy, saw a full 1.5L waterbottle just blown over a plaza.
Now we are sitting at home in the cold appartment and talking about go out and shoot a nightphoto, we´ll see about that.

My bed last night.

Bjerten hard at work?

Spängan making breakfast.

Koffe switch frontside crooks rev.

Got the cover...

When we shooting in Gävle a couple of weeks ago we got this pic and ended up as the cover.

In stores now.

Glad some one enjoys the snow

onsdag 10 februari 2010

Shot some new photos of the new bike

Now I´m off to Barcelona, stay tuned...

tisdag 9 februari 2010

D*A*M*P* Doublestraps

Got a pair of D*A*M*P* doublestraps today.
Looks really nice, tripplelaminated with nylon in the middle, same as Toshi´s or MKS´s but at a better price (still don´t have the exact price tough).
Haven´t had chanse to try them out yet, but by the look of it it´s some nice shit with nice detailing and comes in a nice bag.

If you are interested in getting a pair, contact D*A*M*P* at

Frame came back

So the day before I leave for Barca the frame came. Happy I had all the components at home to put it together.
Will shoot some nicer photos in sunlight tomorrow, kind of hard to see the pearleffect in indoor light.

More of the Taxijam people - Die Antwoord

Check their website: DIE ANTWORD

Got to love this, click on one of the moving mouth...

måndag 8 februari 2010

Arto Sari

Remember seeing Arto at Stockholm Skatepark when he was 15-16 years old.
We all said that he would not stay in Scandinavia long, and a year or two later he was Arto to the whole world.
I´m glad I saw him then and I still enjoy watchig him skate, such a natural style.

Seems that Arto´s shoe sponsor is filming for a movie and film maker Greg Hunt is behind the camera.

Here´s a taste of whats to come...
(Cant embed the movie so click the link)


Another WTF!

Wunderbaum for your dog or cats ass...


For 6500 usd you think they atleast could make a face that didn´t look like it been in a serius car accident...

Love to get into this cab...

Taxijam via

Taxijam presents Die Antwoord from taxijam on Vimeo.

New cranks on the way

Won these Suntour Superbe Pro cranks on ebay last night, NOS with box, no dustcaps tough.
Will have them when I get back from Barcelona along with the new frame for the paintshop.
Most likley I´ll put on a Campa oldschool chainring on them.

lördag 6 februari 2010

Flata = Dike (lesbian) in Swedish

Found in the restroom at a bar, maybe thats why no one could pick up a girl there...

Paint and brushes

Bought some paint to paint in the lugs when my frame comes back from the paintshop


My friend Jonas e-mailed me this link, thanks!
This guy is insane, best beatbox I´ve ever seen.
It´s a long clip but look at the whole thing, he does ODB´s "Shimy shimy ya" and Aphex Twins "Windowlicker", but the intro is the best. Wish he would come to Stockholm.

(Look in fullscreen)

fredag 5 februari 2010

Stairways to Heaven

Nice little edit, nice to see the whole thing.

Stairways to Heaven-Preview from The Bicinity on Vimeo.

Close call!

Another D*A*M*P Earbeard build

I like this one so much better than the white one.
Built by Bubblan him self (D*A*M*P founder)

If you ever go to Malmö


Another 1D mk IV movie

1Dmk4 Footage From Sydney New Years Eve 2009 from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo.

torsdag 4 februari 2010

Wish you saw more of this in sweden...

In lack of my new frame

Today I picked up the last part for the new frame, a 3TTT trackstem, all the components is home, so I tried them on on my Omega frame.
It was hella light and only weighed in at 7,2 kg.
I almost want to keep all the stuff on that frame, but I guess as soon as the new frame shows up I´ll put everything on to that one.

onsdag 3 februari 2010

First build up

Not feeling the all white (ghostbike), but still nice to see a frame with all components.
I want to see more builds now...

PS: not mine

tisdag 2 februari 2010

Russian firesaftey shown by Russian firedepartment

Like to see what would happen if this was N.Y.C.F.D.

Jims Ramp Jam - Texas Deathmatch

I remember so well when this shit came out. Best skate motivationmovie in my eys.
Still want to go skate mini so bad when I see this.
Speyer, Cardiell, Shao, Glifberg, Markovich, etc, etc.


Another Sweet banga

See you soon guys...

Sweetbanga! (Barcelona) from Streetlab on Vimeo.

Icey roads

Love how the first car tryes to put it in reverse when the other car comes towards him

First one in this one is also pretty funny.


D*A*M*P* Bicycles relesed their new fram, Earbeard, a few days ago.
They look mighty fine, and after looking at it in person I can only say that they look as good as you think.
Looking forward to see some build up´s.