söndag 31 januari 2010

Was out shooting skating today

Shot a nice fs crooks to fakie of Orre.
Can´t post it yet tough, need to get it published first.
Got to pay the bills, so you´re stuck with this one for now...

This could be the camera I need...

Canon eos 1D mkIV

Canon 1DmkIV at the races - test shoot from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

F1 ice racing...

lördag 30 januari 2010

torsdag 28 januari 2010

This is what im looking at right now

Didnt get a ticket to Ian Brown.
So now I'm just waiting for the concert to end.
Bubblan is on his way with one of his new frames tough.
Cant wait to see the new damp steelframes...

Since the Ipad finally came...


onsdag 27 januari 2010


Shot this in the end of -09.
Got tons of photos to go throu from that event.

tisdag 26 januari 2010


A bigtime WTF!

Found here, some funny photos in there...

måndag 25 januari 2010

It works!

Got the testroll I took with the Olympus I bought a few days ago.
Seems to be working fine.

söndag 24 januari 2010

Cleaned up the frame

Did a quick mockup, wrong frontwheel/stem/handlebars.
Do like it like this tough...

I also reshaped and dressed a Lasersaddle and

Round two

The frame is getting there, still som paint around the lugs but it should be completly stripped tonight.

Also I stripped and reshaped an old Lasersaddle that will be white in the end.

Day after

Now the paint is getting off, alltough it was harder then I thought.
Probably do it couple times over before all the old paint is gone.
I did find the original paint under it and it was a nice purple metallic, so I´ll probably use that as a referense when I will be choosing the new color.

Now I´m of to get the rest of the paint, specially around the lugs.

*Mote to myself: Use gloves next time.

A Pedalmafia sketch of what I´m thinking the bike will look like when done.

lördag 23 januari 2010

fredag 22 januari 2010

Picked up a new frame.

Brought home this frame today. Got pretty shitty paint, but I´m losing the paint tomorrow.
Thinking about new nice deep red metallic
Came with a Sugino mighty crank on the rightside and Gipemme on the left, will be putting on my polished Ofmega crak set on it along with polished lowprofile tubular rims on Campa highflange hubs, aero seatpost, dropbars, a reshaped Lasersaddle.
Will put up a Pedalmaffia sketch of tomorrow along with the progress of getting rid of the paint.

Good night from Stockholm...

torsdag 21 januari 2010

When gas prices go up, ride bikes

Found this at a secondhand store

The lovely OLYMPUS [mju:] II
Costed me about 5 USD and seems to be working fine. Have a film in it now, will get back with photos as soon as it´s developed.

onsdag 20 januari 2010

It got back!

Got to love WWW!
After posting that the bike was stolen on a few forums and blogs I got a phonecall today from a guy who had found it.
No damage at all, not even on the lock. Happy happy!

Love spirit of this pic

måndag 18 januari 2010

Nice new lock

But my key doesnt work.
So for now I'm looked out in the cold.

Sitting there for a while...

söndag 17 januari 2010

Second time around...

This summer I had a breakin in my studio were they took all my cameragear, computors and some other stuff as well.
This morning it was time for another one again.
I was at the studio and I hear alot of noise from outside. This is usually the case when they come to collect the garbage, so I thought nothing of it.
Then I hear that someone gets the door open. Since I still was in bed I jumped up and ran to open the door to the hallway, and just see the back of the guy who runs out thruogh the outer door.
Luckily nothing was stolen, but the door is kind of fucked right now.

Needless to say it has not been the two best days i my life, but still there are people who have it worse, like the people in Haiti.
So no negative energy spent on this.

My bike got stolen!

Went a friend to look at some handlebars.
Looked the bike up inside the doors of the house. Went up to his appartment for about 10 min and when I come down the bike is gone!
Last summer some one took the bike outside when I putted it there, and that was probably the case this time also, but some one stole it once it was on the street.
So if you see it on the streets of your town (It was stolen in Stockholm), ebay or anywere else, let me know!


Frame: Bianchi Pista ALU D2 59 cm c-t
Rims: Dodici 36 hole
Hubs: Phil wood 36 hole (Purple)
Cranks: Sugino

lördag 16 januari 2010

torsdag 14 januari 2010

måndag 11 januari 2010

Skate session

Shot some skate during a session at Stockholm skatepark last night.

Skaters: Mark Pulman, Love Eneroth & Jonas Sohn

Skate session in Stockholm skatepark from Boonphotography on Vimeo.

lördag 9 januari 2010


fredag 8 januari 2010

Me and my best fried!

Wish I was a Senior...

Another one!

Still on the train!


Still on the train!

Are you there?

on our way...

We are on the road!

Got to LOVE IT!

Of to Gefle!

Me and editor in Chief of Giftorm is of to Gefle tonight ( - 22 Below fahrenhieit )
There is only one brand; Independent truck CO!
There is only one band; The Rolling Stones!

tisdag 5 januari 2010

I miss summer...

The guys facial expression is priceless!

Sorry for the lack of updates...

Not much have happend during X-mas etc.
But now stuff is going on again.
Tomorrow I´ll start the day by filming the twins on their bikes at a nearby garage, then at night we are going to a lokal skatepark to film some skate, of course it is closed and we will use our own lighting.

Hopefully I´ll be able to post it during this week.

A classic from the days when hip hop was good

söndag 3 januari 2010

lördag 2 januari 2010

fredag 1 januari 2010