tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Barcelona and a new camera

I´m going to barcelona next sunday too hook up with the sweet guys for a couple of weeks (look out for daily updates here).
This time I´wont just shoot skate photos but also a lot of documentary photos, mainly around the movie they are filming for right now, but also some streetphotography.
So I figured I needed a new camera, first I looked at Leica m6 with a 28 mm lens, but the price was just a bit to much for me right now.
As I´m setting up my lab now I wanted a analog camera. Preferably a rangefinder. I´ve been kind of hooked on RF since I started using disposible cameras
Then I was looking at a Bessa R3, but I heard the buildquality was not the best, and a leica lens for it would still be pricey.
But then a Fuji GA 645 ZI crossed my road. After some reseatch I decided to go for the one I found, price was just to good.
Should be picking it up on friday to get the first test-roll shot.

I´ll try to post some photos during next week.

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  1. Jag har den med 28mm gluggen, e fan min favoritkamera för tillfället. Hoppas allt e bra.