lördag 14 november 2009

To day should of been friday the 13th

Today we went out to a bank spot 20 min outside of Barca.
The bank is right to a pilicestation, and they saw us but didnt care, alltough it was a highwaypatrol-station, not a standard.
It some work to get it skateable, but after awhile we got it done.
Bjerten then started trying k-grind to fakie on te curb on top of the bank.
Then he dislocated his shoulder in the air some how, scraming and shouting. We laid him on a curb to see if we could get it in place and all of the sudden cops come rolling in with bluelights and everything, telling us that we cant skate here etc.
They walk up to Bjerten to see how his doing and ends up calling an ambulance. They the explane that they been sitting and watching us on a surveillancecamera and saw that something happen.
Ambulance came and Bjerten was away.
We then went to a spot a few 100m awy and started skating, then the same copcar went under the bridge we were skating, really slow.
We paced our stuff super fast and went for the station, and right outside the trainstation cops come with the bluelights on, but doesnt see us and just go´s to the spot.
Needles to say the would defenetly giving us tickets and steal all our cameragear if were to get caught.

Actuall photo of Bjerten disslocating his shoulder.

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