torsdag 11 februari 2010

First day of shooting in Barca

We started of the day with a nice ham n cheese bocadillo right by Saints, so good.
Then me, Koffe and Björn started walk down the street and ended up at a curb, Koffe did a switch fs crooks.
The wind today was crazy, saw a full 1.5L waterbottle just blown over a plaza.
Now we are sitting at home in the cold appartment and talking about go out and shoot a nightphoto, we´ll see about that.

My bed last night.

Bjerten hard at work?

Spängan making breakfast.

Koffe switch frontside crooks rev.

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  1. In Av. Roma, near Plaça Sants, seems the townhall is remodeling the street and there's something like a new spot. You can check it guys! ;)