onsdag 23 juni 2010


Having Fredrik (on the left in the previous photo) doing his intership as an photoassistent for me got me missing the good old times in Gamleby.
Back then we had so much time to to stuff, our own stuff I might say. Printing portfolios, projects that would never to this day see the daylight, partys on the weekends etc.

Now it is just hassle after hassle with getting payed, deadlines that are not human, people want to get your stuff for free just because you "like" to take photos.

This turned out sounding pretty negative, and that was not the point.
I love my life, the people around me and the freedom I get from it.
But when we where in school we had a different kind of freedom, time.

Came to think about this when I found this old photo I shot in Gamleby when I was walking home a late night (probably at 04.00) and I took the photo with my bag as a tripod. Now the photo isn´t anything special, but it kind of brings me back to the way things were back then.

Enough of the nostalgia, I´m out on my bike.

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