onsdag 22 september 2010

Boonphotography x Bellows skateboards photo contest

This is the first competition I have had here, and I´m happy to announce that it is a photo contest.
Here´s the idea of the contest: A lot of skate photography look a lot alike today, spots, tricks angles etc.
So basically this is a contest in creativity. Get the most creative skate photo.
Rules are simple:

1 submission per contestant

Lighting, trick, spot etc. as well as retouch will be judged

Submission must be in before at the latest 1 October 00.00 CET (central European time)

Send in your submissions to: robin.nilssen@gmail.com

Jury consists of me and the Bellows team

Winners will win Bellows stuff (both rider and photographer)

Go out and shoot now...

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