söndag 31 oktober 2010


Shot this as a comment to Kelly Kline´s photo of Matthew Polly getting a punch in the face for his book cover that I had some problems with earlyer this week.

Kelly used 4 1DmkIV and 8 (I think) Profoto pro 8 with 3 strobes for every camera, getting 40 f/s in total.
In the "behind the scenes" video it seems that this is the only way to do it.
Well I just had to do it with one frame.
Took my brother who is a boxer and had a friend puch him a few times. Came out good, have a good one on probably 8/10 frames.
This took me about 10 min to get the lighting right, 10 min to shoot and another 10 min to retouch.

Lighting setup:
One sb 800, 2.5 m up, behind the camera on 1/4 power.
And one quadra from behind on each side on about 1/4 also.

I want to say that I don´t compare us as photographers, just wanted to make a point.
Everything is possible with imagination and knowledge.

Look at her blog to see the youtube clip and some text around the photoshoot.


Kelly Kline:


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  1. tycker din blev otroligt mycket fetare, hårdare ljus som passar bättre till en sån här bild och smällen känns mer äkta

  2. I think your picture is the better. Kellys light setup doesn't make sense. Big ugly shadow under the chin in her pic.