onsdag 12 januari 2011

Phottix Atlas - First impressions

Since my Pocket Wizards started living their own life I decided to get a set of new ones.

Tried a set of Phottix Atlas out this weekend and orderd a set that arrived today.
The feel of them is basicly the same as Pocket Wizards, same quality feel.
Probably made at the same factory, he he.
Also you get two cords one mini-plug to mini-plug and one mini-plug to PC with a screw ring, batterys, thing for hanging them on tripods/lenses etc.

The reasons I chose these over Pocket Wizards are as follows:

These are about half the price of the Pocket wizard.

Same range as Pocket Wizards.

They have the same frequency as the Pocket Wizard, and also work fine with them.
Same 4 channels.

They shoot 10 fps.

They sync on a 1/500 sec with leafshutter lenses, 1/250 on dslr cameras.

They have a hot-shoe on top of them so you don´t need any extra colshoes to connect you standard flash to your tripod.
This also makes it possible to shot with a Phottix Atlas on your camera and a Skyport connected to that.
(if you are shooting with Elinchrome rangers that have built in Skyport recevers and some other flashes)

I´ll try them out during the next trip to Barcelona and Malaga to see how they work out on the field.
More on that later.

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