söndag 3 april 2011

Shot some snowboard

Went down to Ulricehamn to shoot next years Burton collection for the Burton store at Junkyard.se a few days ago.
The slope was closed, rain was pooring down and most of the models couldn't show up.
So it was me, Fredrik (my assistant), Chris Sörman (Burton rider) and his girlfriend.
The shoot went well and the photos will be shown in the beginning of the next snow season.

Chris Sörman

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  1. Great blog (verkligen!) unfortunately my own blof goy hacked and deleted a little while ago, ans my google-account is temporarly closed so I can't follow blogs ... do you have a facebook page through which one can follow your updates?

    you find me here:


  2. Thanks!!!

    Sorry, no facebook.
    Trying to stay of that wagon for as long as I can ;)

    Hope your account get sorted out soon...